A supermarket is no place for a pest. Any sign of pest activeness can badly damage your brand name and public sensing and, critically, pose dangerous health chances in areas where fresh foods are handled.

At PEST OFF, our pest control solutions for food retailers provide the reassurance of complete protection from pest problems.

We have extended undergo of facilitating supermarkets with their pest problems and allowing actual results to manage an infestation safely and efficaciously.

Full Site Inspections – As part of our regular service visits your High Dependency Service Technician will fully inspect all areas of the store and around its perimeter. Any pest activity or pest risks will be identified.

Innovative Treatments – Our research and development team has developed a range of proven solutions to solve any issue with minimal disruption.

Recommendations – Will be documented as well as highlighted to staff on the site. It will include advice on working practices and procedures to reduce the risk of pests entering the store or becoming a problem.

Local Food Retailers – We defend smaller, localized grocers and additional food retailers such as slaughterers and bakers with professional control solutions for basic pests such as rats, mice, roaches and flies.