Pre-Construction or Soil Treatment affects constructing an anti-termite barrier underneath the building structure for a shelter against damages made by Subterranean Termites; these treatments are done earlier the building is manufactured. With the purpose of hydraulic spray nozzles, the sites are treated a water-based termiticide before the placing of the concrete slabs on the ground.

The non-repellent termiticide wipes out the subterranean termites by contact and uptake. Termites that come into contact with the termiticide experience the “slow kill” and in their comeback to the colony, and they transfer it to the rest. Treatment has bounded effectivity if executed when the soil is pure or excessively wet, or when it is likely to rainfall.

Free land site Survey – we’ll carefully study your total place distance to measure the danger level and define an appropriate service to assure a pest trouble does not hold.

Rapid response – whenever there is a problem, our rapid response dedication signifies that your technician will be with you speedily to deal with the pest problem so that it acts return.

Regular visits – Your localized technician will regularly inspect your offices to assure bait stations, search signs of pest activity, distinguish expected risks and propose on whatever steps you are able to take to reduce the danger of pest problems.

Multi-Site Contracts – If you are responsible for a network of premises, these can entirely be comprised into a exclusive service agreement with an account manager to co-ordinate service deliverance over your places. Each separate site will still have its connections to local technicians and surveyors.