Pest control has a significant character in precluding secondary infection in hospitals, operations and nursing homes.

As the leading expert in pest control, PEST OFF has the expertise to deliver the highest level of reassurance against pests, while being sensitive to the special needs of working in a healthcare environment.

By their nature, healthcare facilities are busy places and it is difficult to prevent rodents, flies, cockroaches and other insects such ants from entering the building and thriving with the food and warmth they can find there.

These pests are a serious threat in every environment, but in primary healthcare, the risk of cross-contamination is acute.


Structural Advice – Advice on avoiding the creation of pest harborages.

Control Measures – day-after-day supervising conducted by a licenced pest control expert to observe any pest activity.

Prevention Advice – If a pest infestation is found, we’ll assist to prevent the spread of pathogens.